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Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3 Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


just when i thought it was dead, you guys are at it again!
i would just like to inform you my browser crashed several times while opening this page. it hasn't done that since i tried to google chuck norris.

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Evil-Dog responds:

haha the audio portal crashes on me quite a lot's weird.
Thanks Chuck Norris

*+*+(Shihna)+*+* *+*+(Shihna)+*+*

Rated 5 / 5 stars

150% awesome.

glitch: stars only go up to 10.

curse you, first hearing this beautiful remix made me play through that game again, and if that wasnt enough, after doing that i played inquisitive dave to discover the same song, which had strong enough powers of nostalgia to me to go buy tales of phantasia for GBA, then play the REST of the series. because of this song, i ended up paying no less than 36 dollars (including renting SYSTEMS from friends to play the rest of the awesome series) and will probably spend another 50-60 come dawn of the new world, and for this i lay a curse on you and your epic song.

the above is all true, excpet the curse.
seriously though, great job.

Chronamut responds:

lol awesome man!

Now keep voting every single god damn day on it hahaha :P

thanks for the review!